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A Very Bawdy Valentine features the trio of 3 hard drinking sailors of fortune, JW, Jeremiah and Doc Jameson, better known as The Bawdy Boys!  This is not a Country event.  It is adult comedy and features sexual and explicit language.  

They were found killing time at port while drunk was more lucrative if they played a few tunes for passerbys. Thus, The Bawdy Boys were made. If you catch them at port, they’ll sing you a song, tell you some filthy stories about life at sea and even lift a pint with you (so long as you’re buying).

Stories about the Irish Immigrants journey to the Americas, sea shanties, work songs, drinking songs, and rebel tunes. All with a big helping of ridiculous boozed up comedy. Be sure to check them out at the Stockyard for A Very Bawdy Valentine Wednesday, February 14th from 7pm to 11pm.

Admission is Free. This is a Special Event. Language may be Sexually Explicit. There will be a Barbecue Dinner catered in the VIP area for those wishing to dine in.

Tickets in VIP will be $35 each and includes private bar, private restroom, special seating, Barbecue buffet and 2 drink tickets.

Dinner Buffet begins at 7pm 
Bawdy Boys take stage at 8pm